After due testing, XTI now offers assistance to install solar hot water systems for our Communities, Hostels, etc. Our solar staff/students provide guidance and supervision/labour to ‘custom-build’ a system for your requirements.

 We recommend,
1.      The glass vacuum tube system – faster heating, practically no corrosion due to hard/brackish water, lower price, easy to install and maintain,...
2.      Set up hot water system closer to the points of use to minimize the length of hot water pipes.
3.      We also assist you to sell your old copper hot water system, if not in use.


Fr.Vincent Moonnu, S.J., for GJEM
Contact: vincentmoonnu@gmail.com – Mob. 91 9426043117/9726020482 or
rappaisj@gmail.com – Mob.91 9426304943

P.S. A person from Anand goes round taking the name of Fr.Rappai to sell hot water systems to our institutions. Fr.Rappai does not trust his integrity/reliability any longer.

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